A Personal Portable Dustbin?

A Personal Portable Dustbin?

Since carrying a personal portable dustbin where ever you go is impractical and impossible, we have made it easy for you with Swachh Citizen Bags. Compact, cool and functional- the Swachh Citizen Bag is your daily travel companion to help you stay Swachh.

“Recently I was travelling by train to Rajasthan on a day journey trip.

The book I carried along was somehow not good enough to keep me engrossed. As a result, I was paying little extra attention to fellow passengers and activities around me.

I realized that every 10 to 15 minutes, some litter was generated – be it biscuit wrappers, empty disposable tea cups, used paper plates, empty packs of food items, used tissue paper and other similar items.

Dust bin at the end of the train compartment was full and overflowing as usual. With no choice, passengers were either throwing them out or stuffing them in corners of the train and under the seat.

Having experienced this, I thought and realized that in all my previous train journeys, this was a common sight.

I really wished there was something like a
“personal portable dustbin” that one could carry along while travelling and avoid littering in the train compartment.

Couple of months later, I came across this cool and thoughtful product from Clean Planet through their “Swachh Citizen” initiative- The Swachh Citizen Bags.

I bought 4 of these- three for my family and one to offer to a fellow passenger when I travel next.

Thank you Clean Planet for creating such an innovative and cool product to help maintain cleanliness while on the move!”

– Deepak Nagar,


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