Child Friendly Outdoors

Child Friendly Outdoors

Remember as a kid, all the things you loved to do outdoors? All the favourite hiding places, the nooks and corners, the open play grounds, the friendly streets and lanes you ran on. The adventure was not in staying indoors but in exploring the world outside. ‘Outside’ is a beautiful place for children to be. Though, the reality of this ‘Outside’ is unfortunately not always a pretty sight. The enemy here is Litter and our crass attitude towards the disposal of litter.

The littering problem and general apathy towards public spaces have resulted in neighbourhoods having their garbage dumped in various corners of the street. Open grounds, mangroves, lakes, are all treated as mini garbage dumps. As educated adults, is this the kind of behaviour we want our children to imbibe?

While we all know the importance of having clean homes, we conveniently forget the necessity of clean streets and a clean city. Little do we realise that our litter can boomerang back into our homes in the form of diseases and illnesses.

Our children pay the price by becoming innocent victims of these diseases. Wouldn’t it be nice to send your children out to play in neighbourhoods whose streets aren’t lined with plastic bags, bottles, leftover food and rotting garbage? Our children are taught of Cleanliness being close to Godliness- let’s imbibe this habit within them by being examples of Swachh Citizens of India ourselves first.

Let’s pledge to make our outdoors children friendly and litter un-friendly.



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