How YOU can be a Swachh Citizen

How YOU can be a Swachh Citizen

Who is a Swachh Citizen you ask?
The ideal Swachh Citizen is a person with impeccable civic sense. Someone who does not litter or show apathy towards dirty public spaces and makes conscious efforts to keep his/her street and city clean.

If this is you, read no further and give yourself a pat on the back.

For the rest of us…
We present the Swachh Citizen Bags by Clean Planet!
The handiest, coolest and most affordable way to go Swachh is here.
With bold designs that will inspire everyone around you when you use one, the Swachh citizen bag is the new solution to the litter pollution.

Here’s how you can be a Swachh Citizen armed with one of your Swachh Citizen bags.

Step ONE: SC_Bag_Step1
Step TWO: SC_Bag_Step2
Step THREE: SC_Bag_Step3
Step FOUR: SC_Bag_Step4
Step FIVE: SC_Bag_Step5
Step SIX: SC_Bag_Step6
Get your own Swachh Citizen bag here and invite others to Join the Swachh Movement to make a difference.


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