India Kuch Kar at Indian Railways

India Kuch Kar at Indian Railways

INDIA KUCH KAR is a campaign by Clean Planet – a sustainable style brand that provides Eco Friendly solutions for everyday living. The campaign first started out in Mumbai in 2012 and began gaining momentum all over the country. The campaign has been embraced by people from different parts of India – from Ladakh to Chennai.

India Kuch Kar is a collaborative campaign with the vision of a ‘Clean India’. We’re building tools you can use to spread the message and create a Clean India.

In an attempt to reach out to the public to spread our social message, we thought there couldn’t be a better spot than the Indian Railways. The local train is an important means of public transport that millions of Mumbai residents use daily. The tracks, stations, areas near the station have high levels of litter – most of which is non-bio degradable. The litter poses a civic, hygiene and safety problem. We need to create a new culture of clean public spaces in our country. For which reaching out to people at the moment of action is important.

In due course in a unique public-private collaboration, The India Kuch Kar campaign was adopted by Andheri Station with the support of Western Railway official – Mr. Fernandes who identified with our cause. India Kuch Kar posters – with some posters focussed on location specific data – were displayed on platforms and on the bridges at various spots.

The campaign created a buzz among travellers and railway officials alike. After a month-long run, we received news from the officials and porters who helped us put up the posters that the platforms were found to be cleaner than before. We were overjoyed by the response received.

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