Let’s Pledge To Go Swachh

Let’s Pledge To Go Swachh

At Clean Planet we have been running a campaign ‘India Kuch Kar’ for more than 2 years now. Where we create posters and share with passionate individuals to post them in offices, public spaces residential building notice boards, on social media – all with the goal of inspiring our fellow citizens to do their bit to create a Clean India. Our campaign has been enthusiastically embraced by people from different parts of India – from Ladakh to Chennai.

Our vision of a Clean Planet has shaped our product design, packaging, promotions. From tote bags to Eco Veggie bags that reduce disposable plastic waste – we have been relentlessly innovating to make it easy for customers to create a Swachh & Sustainable India.

As one can image we were delighted to see the Swachh Bharat initiative. For the first time cleanliness has been given the attention it deserves. It’s been amazing to see people from all walks of life take up a broom and be willing to clean a public space.

Our take on this is that – the reason why so many people have had to take up a broom is because there is litter on the streets that should not be there in the first place. Given that there is tons of litter all over India there is definitely a need to clean up public spaces. But, thereafter unless we refrain from littering-we will find ourselves in a situation where we either we have to take up a broom every week end or we live in a dirty country.

Swachh Bharat requires a change in mind-set. We have to be Swachh 24×7.

We have decades of conditioning to undo. Lack of civic sense, apathy, powerlessness. No government or Municipal Corporation in any part of the world keeps its public spaces clean if citizens recklessly litter all over. We have litter in the streets of Mumbai – right next to dust bins and in the hills of the Himalayas. Inter-city drives will reveal all kinds of litter along the roads. Even residential building compounds have litter. Showing clearly that litter in India has no co-relation with the presence or absence of a dust-bin.

What are the educated adults of India teaching their children? What kind of a nation are we giving to the future generations?

Post World War II – Japan was seen as a country that was a producer of poor quality goods . Most of us today know Japan as a symbol of impeccable quality.

We have the possibility to transition from a dirty nation to the Cleanest Country in the World . That journey and destination is incomplete and impossible without YOU.

India cannot become Swachh Bharat until WE – THE CITIZENS become Swachh Citizens.

This is an invitation to you – the reader – to become a Swachh Citizen.

Join the movement.



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