Litter and India

Litter and India

Littering is probably thought of as the unwritten Constitutional right in India. People from all strata of society – educated / uneducated – litter public spaces. The expectation being that the civic authorities are to clean up the litter 24/7. No country can be clean if it’s citizens continue to litter public spaces irresponsibly.

It’s a peculiar mind set where only one’s home is considered important. Residential building compounds also have litter thrown by residents from their kitchens, balconies. Public spaces beyond the building are fair game for disposing any kind of garbage. As a result – roads, footpaths, train tracks, stations, bus stands all are teeming with garbage. Even the countryside is not spared. Take a road trip through most parts of India – you’ll see the familiar sight of plastic bags, bottles, and wrappers thoughtlessly tossed everywhere.

A Clean India is possible if WE – THE CITIZENS OF INDIA – choose to make it happen. Free of litter, India can be one of the most beautiful countries in the world. As responsible citizens let’s create a country we can be proud of.

Stop littering, stop others from littering.

India Kuch Kar!



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