Donot Litterati

Definition: A fashionable, educated set of people engaged in the activity of littering.

There are the filthy rich and then there are the rich and filthy. The latter is easier to identify as they leave behind a glorious trail of trash where ever they go. We call them, ‘India’s Litterati’.

They proudly sashay down Indian streets throwing cans of Diet Coke or discarding unwanted trash from fancy cars, in an attempt to keep their personal space clean.

Fashionably filthy, their attitude towards their own litter and towards their public spaces can be summed up in 4 words – ITS NOT MY PROBLEM.

But mind you, the Litterati is a geographically biased lot. They wouldn’t dare litter in a foreign country with strict laws against such behaviour. Or for the fear of their image being tarnished. No no!

Why the double standards, we ask? Doesn’t India and Indian public spaces deserve better treatment?

Can we count on a good education and wealth to bring good civic sense?

How long before India’s Litterati are transformed into Swachh Citizens?



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