Swachh Citizen

Swachh Citizen

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As Clean Planet we have been running a civic campaign ‘India Kuch Kar’ for more than 2 years now . Where we create posters and share with passionate individuals to post them in offices, public spaces, residential building notice boards, on social media – all with the goal of inspiring our fellow citizens to contribute towards a Clean Country. Our campaign has been embraced by people from different parts of India – from Ladakh to Chennai.

The desire to create a Clean Planet has shaped our product design, packaging, promotions – From Totes to Eco Veggie bags that reduce disposable, plastic waste we have been relentlessly innovating to make it easy for our customers to create a Clean & Sustainable India.

As one can imagine, we were delighted to see the Swachh Bharat initiative. For the first time cleanliness has been given the attention it deserves. It’s been amazing to see people from all walks of life take up a broom and be willing to clean a public space.

Our take on this is that the reason why so many people have had to take up a broom is because there is litter on the streets that should NOT have been there in the first place.

Bharat cannot become Swachh until her citizens become Swachh Citizens.

A truly Swachh Bharat requires a change in the mindset. We have to be Swachh 24×7. Else we will always need to take up a broom and clean some public space or the other. Let’s tackle the root cause of littering by pledging to NEVER Litter a Public Place – EVER.

This Republic Day let’s make India ‘Sare Jahan se Accha’ by pledging to Go Swachh.




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