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As Clean Planet we have been running a civic campaign ‘India Kuch Kar’ for more than 2 years now. India Kuch Kar is the first DIY campaign of its kind where we provide the tools and citizens all over the country can actively participate in spreading the message for a clean India. India Kuch Kar is a series of posters made available as downloadable pdfs that we share with passionate individuals to post them in offices, public spaces, residential building notice boards or on social media. All of this is with the goal of inspiring our fellow citizens to contribute towards a Clean Country. Our campaign has been embraced by people from different parts of India – from Ladakh to Chennai.

The ‘India Kuch Kar’ campaign in Mumbai is being done in English and Marathi. The response from individuals across India has been very encouraging. People have been sharing the campaign on their facebook walls, on email, sharing the posters on their office / residential building notice boards. Several Ganesh Mandals in Mumbai co-operated to share the posters at their venues during Ganesh Chaturthi.

Feel free to download the ‘India Kuch Kar’ campaign posters for use in your part of India.




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