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Swachh Citizen Bag

Incredibly Swachh Indian
The Swachh Citizen bag that will make Incredibly clean India a reality.

The launch of the Swachh Bharat Campaign by the Government of India, threw much needed focus on the issue of Cleanliness. It asked us all a question we have conveniently turned a blind eye towards-

Why isn’t India a Clean Country?

SC_Slopes of Himalaya Shores of Goa copy

At Clean Planet we felt that one of the answers to this question lies in the relationship we as Indians have with our litter. Litter and garbage is seen as unclean, untouchable, something to be put away instantly and especially something that only the garbage boy and BMC should deal with. Once we begin to own our litter and our responsibly to dispose our litter properly we will see a huge shift in our country.

For India to truly become Swachh, it is US – the Citizens of India who need to be Swachh Citizens first.

So after months of research and experimenting, we came up with a solution to make the task of ‘being Swachh’ easy, quick, affordable and smart.

Introducing, the Swachh Citizen Bag
- a pioneering product that can transform the face of India starting with your street.

SC_StreetSwachh copy The Swachh Citizen bag is a sturdy, smart, and waterproof foldable bag to store your litter while you are on-the-go. In the absence of a dust bin, how often have we resorted to desperate means of disposing that napkin, wrapper or bus ticket – we either put it in a bag pocket, stuff it in corners of our vehicles, and worst of all throw it on the street.

The Swachh Citizen bag is here as a compact end to all excuses for littering. Make it your daily travel companion by storing things in it that you want to discard later – tickets, wrappers, small bottles, juice boxes, fruit peels etc. Once you find a bin, empty the bag and earn good karma! Rinse and
re-use the next day. With bold designs to make heads turn, inspire others to dispose litter responsibly.

Get your own Swachh Citizen bag and make a difference today!

One small step by you can result in one giant step towards a litter-free India.




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