The train window is not a dustbin

The train window is not a dustbin

The Train Window should be clean

“One weekend, I took the train from Borivali to my relative’s place in Andheri. I was travelling in the First Class compartment and saw among others who boarded, a well-dressed lady enter with her son. All she had in her hand was a small purse and a packet of biscuits. While her son munched on the few chips remaining she quickly got him and herself a seat near the window. In the same hurried fashion she took away the empty packet of chips from her sons hand and threw it out of the train window. This caught me by surprise and I had no time to stop her or react as I normally would have done.

Next, she opened the pack of biscuits and began eating with her son. This time I was determined to correct her behaviour so I waited patiently till they finished. Without a second of hesitation she reached for the window again with the empty packet. I stopped her right away and told her not to make the train tracks her dustbin. Embarrassed yet arrogant, she said “Do you expect me to hold on to this garbage till I reach? Don’t teach me what to do.”

I firmly explained that the litter she sees on the train tracks and public spaces is because of people like her who aren’t willing to change and then offered her my bag to put her litter in it. This action drove my point home clearly. Other passengers, on seeing this also started slowly voicing their opinion against littering. “If each one of us doesn’t change, our city will continue to remain dirty.”

- Pallavi, Mumbai

It’s not only each of our responsibility to keep India clean but to actively set an example to other citizens to become Swachh Citizens.’


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